I Never Learn

by Red Soul Community

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Recorded at Live Bunker Records in Granada by Nano Díaz.
Mixed by Nano Díaz and Red Soul Community.
Mastered by Francis Armenteros.


released January 1, 2013

CARLOS DINGO: Organ and pianos

Alejandro Burges: Tenor saxophone in 3 and 9.
Diego M. Pecharromán: Alto saxophone in 3 and 9.
Eric Tarantola: Trombone in 3 and 9.
Nano Díaz: Percussions.
Carlos Dingo: Blues harp in 11 and solo guitar in 1 and 4.
Jurassico (You & Me) : Intro in 1
Red Soul Community: Backup vocals



all rights reserved


Red Soul Community Granada, Spain

In 2005 Derrick Morgan´s Moon Hop was playing in a stereo in Granada. A few minutes later, Red Soul Community´s first song was born.

En el año 2005 sonaba el tema Moon Hop de Derrick Morgan sobre un plato de vinilo en la ciudad de Granada. A los pocos minutos nacía el primer tema de Red Soul Community.
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Track Name: I never learn
I never learn

It seems like I´ll never ever
fall in love with someone else.
It seems like I´m never ever
gotta get my lesson learnt.

Why do I love you?
Why do I need you?
Why do I want you?
If you, boy, ain´t no good

It´s hard to understand.
I can not walk away.
It seems I never learn.
I do repeat the same mistakes.

First. You say that you love me so..
Then. You hurt me, do me so wrong..
Why I love you I need to know.
Can you give me the answer?
Track Name: The day has come
The day has come

Don´t judge me, baby,
don´t put the blame on me.

I couldn´t stand no more.
I couldn´t stand it no more.

Someone had to tell them “no”
and the day has come.
Someone had to cut them down
and the day is here.

I gotta work 24-7,
night and day, to pay the rent,
but ain´t got no car, ain´t got no home,
tell me, what am I working for?
What am I working for?
What am I working for?
Ain´t got no time,
no time to love,
tell me, what am I working for?
Track Name: Time to go
Time to go

All I need...
I need you to go.
All I need...
You to leave me alone.

Hear what I say.
Baby, there´s nothing left.
Don´t try to make me stay
´cause I have no more tears to shed.

And I don´t understand why
baby, you never cared
and now you beg me a last chance.
I say “it´s late, it´s late”.

No man, don´t you think you are
the one who´ll run away with my heart.
there´s something that you must know,
you´re not the one I´ll die for.

And I won´t think about it twice,
I know it´s time to go.
Yeah man, you´ve got it,
I need nobody,
it´s better to be alone.
Track Name: Say that you care
Say that you care

The way you look at me
and how you kiss me too,
your lips don´t taste
the way they used to do.
And I find
no way to say that I love you
like I´ve always done.
Now I´m in a crowd,
but I feel all alone.
Say what I want to hear from you,
come on, do.

Say that you care.
Say that you care for me.
Come on and say that you care
as I do for you.

This Tower of Babel,
miscommunication game,
is making a fool
outta me.
And I find
no way to say that I´m missing you.
Just say that it´s true,
that you´re mine
and I´m yours too.
Track Name: I ain´t ready
I ain´t ready

Every show comes to an end.
It snows after a sunny day.
Easy come, darling,
and easy go.
This game is over
when I feel it´s not enough.
I feel it´s not enough.

I ain´t ready to let you go.

And a good song, you know,
always feels too short.
And this song ain´t gonna be the same, my darling,
after you have gone.
Too good to be true.
Too good to be mine.
Too good to last forever,
and I feel it´s not enough.
I feel it´s not enough.
Track Name: Killah

Baby, baby, baby.
Everybody knows it.
what I say is true:
Your time has come.
Track Name: Addicted

I´m addicted to your love,
though I try I can not carry on,
though I said “goodbye”
I can not let you go.

I,m addicted to the time.
Once we shared it, oh! it won´t come back.
Baby, I keep on trying to leave it behind.

I can not forget the words
I never said. You´ll never get to know
that still my heart beats faster.

Baby, can´t you see
your love is all that I need?
Don´t walk away from me,
don´t walk away from me.

This bullet, from my heart,
can´t be removed, no.
I´m addicted,
addicted to you.

Baby, no, I don´t know
why we chose to live in sorrow.
I´m addicted to your song.

This bullet, from my heart,
can´t be removed, no.
Consider me
addicted to you.

I´m addicted to your love,
though I try I can not carry on,
though I said “goodbye”
I can not let you go.

I can not forget the words
I never said. You´ll never get to know.
I´m addicted to your song.
Track Name: Come back
All that I want you to say

All that I want you to say...
You gotta say
that you don´t wanna let me go.

All the lonely nights I´ve waited here,
wondering if you´d have mercy
on me.
You gotta say you still love me.

All I wanna hear, we can still,
we can work it out. You have been
a fool.
You gotta say that you´re sorry.

You didn´t mean to hurt me.
All the time you spent alone made you see
that you were wrong.
You gotta say “let me come back home”
Track Name: Let it go
Let it go

Baby, all I can say is
I don´t know how to let it go.
Let it go.
I´ve been crazy,
to think that you could love me
only because I love you so,
only because I need you so...

And today
the echoes from the radio
bring me your song again.
Let it go.

Why do I feel so much love
if you always say “no”?

Sweet, sweet baby,
all I can say is
I´m not strong enough to let you go.

I know you didn´t mean to hurt me,
and I
never meant to feel the way that I do, so..
come on, won´t you help me
to find the pieces
of this broken heart?
Track Name: You keep your head down
You keep your head down.

You keep your head down.

They´ve got the money,
so you let them buy your time.
You keep on saying that you´re fighting,
but you keep your head down.

You keep your head down,
just look and step aside.

Where is your pride, man,
when you say that everything is allright?
Their fist hits you like a hammer and
your spirit goes down.

Jumping through the hoop,
you let your days go by.
Just hold your tongue now
and let your tears run down.

You let´em bring you down
and all you do is nothing.
let´em take it away,
your dream.
Track Name: All night long
All night long.

All night long.
You´ve been waiting
all night long.
All night long.
All night long,
for me, baby,
to come back home.

You say you have been waiting
for me all night long.
And though I tell you “baby, baby, I love you”
you say you want your girl at home.
You gotta believe (what I say),
gotta trust,
what I say.
Some may say that I´m not good for you.

They say they can teach you a lesson:
what a good woman should be.
And why don´t you use your brain instead of being
afraid of stupid things?
Man, you´d better think (for yourself)
and think,
use your brain,
there it is.
For yourself.
Otherwise you´re gonna lose this girl.